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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A to Z Reflections

When I decided to do A to Z, I thought what would it hurt if I played with this blog. It had a combination of 19 posts and pages. Each day, it was not unusual to get around 100 hits. With no feedback, I left it for teachers to get the activities. They are all popular.

I learned there is a place for a light discussion of science. I would like to say I plan to post once a week. But I will try to post about twice a month. My plan is to post an activity on the 15th of the month. I have recovered material from an old hard drive. Technology has moved quickly; but, the fundamentals of science change quite slowly. On the twenty-eighth of the month in deference to February, I will deliver a topical post.

Thanks for visiting me folks. A to Z is a great experience in that I get many insights about writing and more importantly what I should be writing. I'm gladdened when I see so many taking environmental science seriously. I walk along my driveway. The front field is overgrown and teems with life. This beautiful world needs to be saved.

Love you all.  Ann


  1. Great photos! enjoyed them. So true about preserving the environment.


  2. You did great this past month! I hope you plan on doing the challenge again next year.

  3. That's wonderful Ann! You've added a new dimension to A to Z. To make it science based and sensitive to change is certainly an education. Looking forward to reading more!


  4. You know, Ann, you have a unique, and very pleasant, writing voice. Straightforward, no-nonsense, clear... and yet emotion comes through loud and bright. I'm so glad you had a wonderful April! Yes, there most certainly is a place for science—the world is desperate for it, even if it won't admit it ;) And yes, this beautiful world really does need to be saved. I'm so happy to have met you through the Challenge this year, and I look forward to following you and your posts all year long :)
    Guilie @ Life In Dogs


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