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Sunday, May 14, 2017

A to Z Reflections 2017

I've been officially retired for seven years and no longer tell people I am a teacher. I don't know that I could manage a classroom anymore. In my thirty plus years teaching, I primarily taught science. For three years, I taught math which was a good break. However, all of my examples were usually using science.

Surprisingly, the A to Z was easy to do. Yes I checked my facts. Memory is not always accurate. I did not keep my promise of consistently posting to this blog during the year after A to Z 2016. A lot of posts are used as lessons for teachers in their classroom and the blog stays busy with visits to them. The most popular blog post I have is the page There is more to dissolving salt than meets the eye.

So, God willing, I will write blog posts each April for the A to Z.

I have a written outline of several short lab books based on materials I created as a teacher. My goal this year is to pull them out and get them ready to be published as print and/or ebooks to be sold. If you are interested please sign up for updates by email and I will let you know when each one is ready. There is no commitment on your part for signing up. And no guarantee on my part to prepare these booklets.  If few indicate an interest, I can't see spending too much time on them.