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Sunday, May 14, 2017

A to Z Reflections 2017

I've been officially retired for seven years and no longer tell people I am a teacher. I don't know that I could manage a classroom anymore. In my thirty plus years teaching, I primarily taught science. For three years, I taught math which was a good break. However, all of my examples were usually using science.

Surprisingly, the A to Z was easy to do. Yes I checked my facts. Memory is not always accurate. I did not keep my promise of consistently posting to this blog during the year after A to Z 2016. A lot of posts are used as lessons for teachers in their classroom and the blog stays busy with visits to them. The most popular blog post I have is the page There is more to dissolving salt than meets the eye.

So, God willing, I will write blog posts each April for the A to Z.

I have a written outline of several short lab books based on materials I created as a teacher. My goal this year is to pull them out and get them ready to be published as print and/or ebooks to be sold. If you are interested please sign up for updates by email and I will let you know when each one is ready. There is no commitment on your part for signing up. And no guarantee on my part to prepare these booklets.  If few indicate an interest, I can't see spending too much time on them.


  1. Glad that you wrote this post my friend!
    thank you for your kind visit and words on my place .
    Hope retirement is giving you enough time for all those activities that you are interested to do .
    these photos are little blurred though but very nice ,specially the first photo is fabulous with so many flying birds!

  2. Hi Ann - I enjoyed your science posts ... and with luck we'll see you next year at the A-Z ... cheers Hilary

  3. Beautiful pictures! If I were a teacher I'd jump at the chance to get the lab books. 😉

  4. My wife is a kindergarten teacher and a real pro, but from her stories there is no way that I'd want to be a teacher in today's world.

    I think the educational A to Z posts are some of the best so thank you for adding your knowledge and skill to the A to Z Challenge.

    We appreciate your Reflections and your continued participation in A to Z.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  5. What an interesting tree trunk. Makes you wonder what happened to make it turn sideways and then turn back up.

  6. What a great idea for your lab books! I'm assuming these will be geared toward science instructors?

  7. You're doing a great job at making science more accessible—and, given the current state of affairs in certain countries, with certain heads of state denying scientific fact, your efforts couldn't be more timely. I'm sure you'll find a great market for your books! My publisher has an imprint that publishes teaching resources; if you're interested let me know and I'll introduce you.

    Guilie @ Life In Dogs


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