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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Environmental Impact

Massive constructions, road building,reservoir creation, dam building, any major change in the environment requires an environmental impact study.

 A culvert that drains run-off in front of my home goes directly into the Flint river. I do not farm my property so I do not have to comply with environmental problems. One of the chief problems I could create with farming is excessive fertilizer or animal waste into the Flint River. Due to that there are county municipal codes I would have to follow. These codes are not recent, they have been around awhile to protect the environment.

Environmental scientists and/or engineers do these studies. There is a population of bears in Central Georgia. As a result, a new road widening will include tunnels for bears and other wildlife to use close to the Ocmulgee river. The design is due their work.

There are many careers which are environment related.

Forest rangers are law enforcement officers. They train to protect people and maintain natural areas. They keep logs of wildlife and flora present. Records of problems with invasive species are maintained. They monitor the activities of recreational hunters and fishermen.

Foresters work with commercial forests. Timber production has increased the amount of forested land in Georgia. People equate logging with the destruction of forests. Ironically, the growth of forest for wood production causes more land to be planted with trees and more habitat produced.

Below are photos of runoff in front of my home. Beneath the photos are some of the many environmental science related careers.

Runoff from heavy rain

The following are a few environmental science careers.

  1. arborist
  2. ecologist
  3. entomologist
  4. farmer
  5. fisheries manager
  6. forest engineer
  7.  forest pathologist
  8. forest supervisor
  9. park ranger or manager
  10.  plant physiologist
  11. technical writer
  12. wildlife manager
  13.  environmental educator
  14. environmental engineer
  15. environmental lobbyist
  16. museum curator or naturalist
  17.  parks ranger or naturalist
  18. recycling management
  19. waste disposal management
  20.  agricultural agent
  21. biochemist
  22. chemical engineer
  23. ecologist
  24. environmental activist
  25.  environmental consultant
  26. environmental researcher
  27. environmental scientist
  28. environmental lawyer
  29. government regulator
  30. microbiologist
  31. parasitologist
  32.  pollution engineer
  33. range manager
  34. soil scientist
  35.  toxicologist
  36. embryologist
  37. geneticist
  38. geochemist
  39. geologist
  40. oceanographer
  41. political scientist
  42. research scientist


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    1. The practical aspect of environmental science often goes unnoticed.

  2. Park Ranger was high on my list when I was a kid. Still is. What a cool job that would be!

    I’m exploring different types of dreams and their meanings.
    I is for interpretation of Dreams Stephen Tremp’s Breakthrough Blogs

    1. I did not know it was job as a kid. lol. I've enjoyed your blog. Stephen.

  3. Wow... that's a LOT of water! When you said 'run-off' I was picturing a trickling stream, hahaha. I guess 12 years in Curaçao have reshaped my imagination :D (We get very little rain here). This is a brilliant post, Ann... I didn't know even half of these careers existed, and all of them sound fascinating. Thank you for the education :)

    P.S. — I'm so very sorry about your cat. Thank you for sharing his lovely story over at Life In Dogs.

    P.P.S. — I was thinking, Ann... Would you like to do a guest post on my blog? It doesn't have to be for the A-Z this month; it can be at any time that works for you, now or later or pretty much whenever. I'd be honored, though. Let me know if you're interested (my email is guilie (dot) quietlaughter (at) gmail (dot) com). And thanks in advance for considering it!

  4. Thank you for your kind comments. The runoff was a bit more vigorous than normal. 4 1/2 inches fell in about thirty minutes. We have had a rainy year. However by the end of May, beginning of June, we will have quite a few dry spells.


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