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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Quiz Time

1. Which of the following is an applied science?
a. ecology       b. environmental science       c. botany        d. marine biology

2. Where an animal or plant lives?
a. habitat        b. niche        c. limiting factor       d. keystone species

3. What an animal or plant feeds on?
a. habitat        b. niche        c. sunlight         d. limiting factor

4. A factor in the environment that must be present in sufficient quantities for an organism to live and reproduce.
a.  habitat     b. niche     c. limiting factor        d. botany

5. The Flint River water crisis in Michigan is due to
a. pollution pure and simple
b. faulty duct work of delivering water
c. lack of testing of water
d. answers b and c

6.  The single biggest reason organisms become extinct is
a. development
b. pollution
c. loss of habitat
d. hunting

7. Heavy pollution will
a. cause everything to die
b. cause some organisms to become extinct
c. decrease the lifespan and increase disease of all organisms including humans
d. b and c are correct

8. All food in the food webs are created by
a. producers from sunlight
b. decomposers of dead and decaying matter
c. herbivores that eat plants only

9. Most of the energy derived from food is used for
a. building strong bodies
b. energy for day to day living
c. reproduction
d. producing more energy

10. When an environmental disaster such as a radiation spill is said to cause 1 out of 50,000 to acquire cancer, that person
a. usually already has cancer
b. would normally never get cancer
c. all cancer is caused by radiation
d. none of the answers are correct

Answers are below the picture.
Hooray, you finished

1. b       2.  a      3. b       4.  c      5.  d      6. c      7. d       8. a      9. b      10. b

Pat yourself on the back if you got any right.


  1. I got a few right. Guess I'll stick to music. ~grin~ Thank you for stopping by my little blog. I'm glad to have found you. Great photo, by the way. Be well!

  2. Yay! I got 7/10. Psst..didn't get the last question though, so couldn't answer that one :)

    What an A-grade idea for Q! Thumbs up!

  3. I have strayed so far from my science track in high school. Your blog reminds me how much I love left brain activities. Objective. Logical. Yay.


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