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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Scientific laws

A scientific law is a statement assumed to be true.

Scientific inquiry always keeps in mind they can be wrong. For the most part this is true. Human nature doesn't like change and/or ideas are so popular no one wants to let go. The same hypocrisy that happens in the dirtiest of politics.

Science is based on seven steps.

The first is to name the problem. You can't solve a problem unless you know what it is.

The second is to study the problem by observation and discovering what others have written or said.

The third is to form an hypothesis which is an educated guess to a specific question. Often you hear people say they have a theory. But their theory is actually an hypothesis. You can't create a theory until you test the question.

The fourth step is to design an experiment that tests your hypothesis.

The fifth step is to do the experiement and take careful notes.

The sixth step is the conclusion. You take all the evidence and decide whether the hypothesis was supported or was wrong.

The seventh step is you publish your results. In order for an experiment to be successful, it must be replicated by other scientists. The hypothesis does not have to be proven. A new hypothesis may be created as a result of the experiment.

A scientific theory is backed by proven facts. A scientific theory is different from a everyday use of the term. Below is Merriam Webster's definition of a theory and then Wikipedia's definition of a scientific theory. I was careful to capture the web address on the clipping so you may examine the page.


  1. And yet she moves! I have an album made after Apollo landed on the moon. They had just convicted Aristotle for claiming the Earth went around the sun, and he breathed that as the trial came to a close. Now that is a truly proven theory as we made it to the moon. Other theories could in time be proven wrong when we attempt to put them into practice. For all we know, we have only scratched the surface.
    Perspectives at Life & Faith in Caneyhead

  2. Hi Ann - interesting ... as we need scientific fact, but it needs the scientific theory ... yet over time - some theories get overturned - we are constantly learning ... cheers Hilary


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