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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Weather and Climate

Weather is what is happening right now. It is the day to day temperature, rainfall, humidity and air pressure we experience. Just because we have a hot day in January or a cold day in July, we are not experiencing a climate shift. Because climate is what occurs over a long period of time like 100 years.

Like many discoveries, climate change was discovered by accident. A scientist was monitoring carbon dioxide levels off a westernmost Hawaiian Island that was not as affected by pollution and other carbon dioxide  disruptions caused by man. What was noted was every year, the carbon dioxide level increased.

There are several mechanism that affect climate. One of which is carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide has the power to trap heat from the sun. So a slight increase of Carbon dioxide will cause the atmosphere to heat up. It is true that the tilt of the Earth is wobbling us to a mini ice age. However, it is not going to happen fast enough to counteract Climate change.

A rise of 2 degrees does not affect the daily weather. It does affect the plants and animals that live in an area. With development, it is not as easy for animals to migrate to a more suitable climate. The habitat might not exist. The greatest factor in extinction is loss of habitat. Animals and plants did become extinct in the last ice age.

At one time dolphins were drowned in tuna nets. It is a problem that was known but not legislated in countries or globally. Tuna companies voluntarily instituted the use of dolphin safe tuna nets. People weren't buying or eating tuna. It is going to take the resolve of the average person to affect climate control which is not going to be everyone. But it doesn't take everyone.

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  1. Hi Ann - it's interesting weather and climate are two different things and measured in different ways ... thanks for this explanation - cheers Hilary


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