Thursday, April 27, 2017


X-rays are found on the electromagnetic spectrum. Whether it be lowly radio waves, red light, blue light, gamma rays, x-rays or cosmic rays, they travel at 186,000 miles per second or 300,000 kilometers per second. This is why you see visible light (lightning) before you hear the sound wave (thunder) which travels 700 miles per hour at typical air pressure and temperature.
Since the speed is the same for all electromagnetic radiation, what differentiates them and why do some have so much power? It is the frequency which is measured by how many wavelengths per second occur. A wavelength per second is called a hertz.

The greater the energy, the more wavelengths per second a wave has.

Excessive exposure to x-rays is not healthy for living organisms.

X rays have more energy than visible light. This is why x-rays can pass through more substances than visible light. X rays are used to look at the unseen in the human body, for unseen cracks within machine parts, the contents of purses and bags in security areas.

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  1. Hi Ann - wonderful post ... love the image too - that makes sense doesn't it ... the first X-ray I saw was of my feet ... for new shoes .. cheers Hilary


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