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Monday, April 3, 2017

The Crow You Know

Crows seem like part of landscape every where you go.

They get a bad rap in that they appear to be scavengers. They are opportunists when it comes to food. Seeds and insects make up a lot of their diet. A crow''s beak is not tough enough to break the skin of a squirrel. So roadkill and animal remains have to be opened up for Crows to eat. In the natural world, crows use their intelligence to steal food from other animals

Crows live in most of the continental United States and summer in Canada. Ravens which are similar live in Canada and the Western United States.

Crows live in large families and are very intelligent. Most crows do not have babies until they are two and usually are four before they do. This period of living in an extended family increases the education and learning of crows.

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